Our Purpose

As a cultural centre Minaret has a mission to help define, promote and celebrate aspects of African culture in London. To take one example the ancient kingdom of Somalia has a rich heritage of music, dance, art, cookery- in fact all aspects of life. There is a challenge in bringing the best of our culture into a new country, especially when recent Somali history has been tragic and violent. Many adults who came here as refugees are still carrying psychological wounds and an uncertain sense of self.

We aim to restore that sense of identity, self-confidence and dignity. All generations benefits from exploring and taking pride in their roots. The majority of teenagers are able to draw the best from their dual identity and in time contribute their unique gifts to the British way of life. Such success stories do not make news paper headlines.

Sadly, a small number of our boys have been drawn into London’s problems with street crimes along with the youth of many other communities. Minaret is committed to seeking multi-agency solutions but is also aware that other teen-agers both boys and girls face their own pressures as young Somalis in London, for example individual pressures to do with healthy lifestyle and relationships, and group pressures within Britain’s uncertain wider picture to do with being accepted among peers on their own terms.

Minaret aims to offer a secure stable base affirming strong values in this changing modern society and maintaining awareness of our tradition.

Our Core Values

  • Community cohesion and working together to achieve common goals

  • Fairness and impartiallity ensuring that everyone is treated equally and given fair opportunities

  • Transparency and credibility - we believe in earning recognition through providing credible programmes and providing a much needed service in our community. We also aim to make the necessary disclosures and also observe adequate privacy and data integrity policies in order for us to achieve our objectives effectively.

  • We are committed to making a difference in our community through empowering the young by providing the necessary guidance and initiatives. We value a community in which there is peace, unity and cultural diversity.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the organisation are:

  • Constructive engagement

  • Building skills

  • Accessing and facilitating

  • Our next generation.

Our Programmes 

These objectives are being achieved by the following means:

  • Motivating and empowering African communities in the UK, to increase their capacity to respond constructively to social and economic challenges.

  • Providing training and workshops appropriate to the needs of the African communities in the UK.

  • Offering a confidential advocacy and sign-posting service around the clock.

  • Providing young people with training, mentoring and leisure activities to keep them safe and successful despite the modern pressures they face.

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