Supplementary Education

We are a supplementary education service provider for young people between the ages of 5 to 18 years. We are a registered charity organization founded in 2009 primarily to provide a boost to the education attainment of young people in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

We organize classes in English, Mathematics, Science and we also have a homework club. We recruit highly qualified teachers who have working knowledge and experience of the National Curriculum. This professional operation is entirely not for-profit.


Minaret aims to be there for the community at moments of change. Our well-informed advocacy team offer help in accessing rights and services. The individual is led through the options and able to reach their own informed decision.

Similarly, our young people may face the transitions of settling into a new school environment, or university, or employment. Drawing on experiences within the community, we can offer reassurance and guidance.

Social Development

Operating alongside our youth program we have pioneered courses for those adults who previously missed out on employability  skills, and Minaret offer accredited courses in Functional Skills English and Maths, and also Personal Computer Maintenance PCM.

Hand in hand with these skill sets, Minaret actively promote and facilitate no-cost effective parenting courses 


Minaret aims ro reach out to the local community we operate in. We see our premises as a launch pad for outreach to our Somali sisters and brothers across London, the UK and Internationally.

In this way Minaret shares our transferable model of individual empowerment enabling individuals to engage with local services and civic institutions on the widest possible scale. Minaret is a virtual resource.


Minaret aims to help define, promote and celebrate aspects of African culture in London. To take one example the ancient kingdom of Somalia has a rich heritage of music, dance, art, cookery- in fact all aspects of life. There is a challenge in bringing the best of our respective African cultures into a new country.

With the aim of promoting our sense of identity, self-confidence and dignity, we hold regular events to bring people together in a welcoming, environment.  These events focus on areas such as community integration, cultural education and acquiring key skills.

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